Nadia and Nancy Koch are the two sisters behind the French brand Nach. Thai by their mother and French by their father, these two sisters share a passion for fashion, animals and porcelain. It is therefore quite natural that in 2011, they embarked on the Nach adventure. The name of the brand comes from the contraction of their first and last names: Nadia & Nancy Koch: Nach.

Based in Toulouse, Nadia and Nancy have been immersed in porcelain work since their childhood. Their father has been working with it for almost 40 years. The years spent in Thailand have also given them the love of nature and its fauna, which is the common theme of all their creations.


On its own or in combination with other materials, porcelain is at the heart of Nach, and all collections are designed around this noble and delicate material. Each piece is made and painted by hand in the family’s workshop in Thailand, offering an unparalleled level of detail. The creations are unique, signed and delivered with a certificate of authenticity. Since 2016, they keep applying this philosophy in the fashion world with their ready-to-wear range. Clothes with unique patterns also designed by Nancy, carefully selected materials and a porcelain button as a signature.

La fabuleuse histoire Nach

Often referred to as “The Artist”, Nancy Koch has always been attracted by art and design. She started drawing at a very young age. Always on the lookout for new trends and brimming with new ideas, she has found a way to give free rein to her inspiration in the creation of jewelry and ready-to-wear.

Nadia Koch, the entrepreneur of the Nach project, is driven by an overwhelming need for self-fulfillment. She does everything she can to “bring her sister’s drawings to life”. She is fearless and does not hesitate to think outside the box to innovate and make Nach known worldwide.