La Tanière zoo-refuge aims to take animals that have had a difficult life; not only to heal them, but also to offer them a better life and a well-deserved rest. In its quest to preserve wildlife, we join their commitments to collaborate on multiple projects that bring meaning and hope: contributing to the rescue and preservation of animals in danger.

It all started in early 2020, during the first lockdown. We discovered the shelter during a call for help launched on social networks which caught our attention. A few months later, first email, first call and then first visit to La Tanière. We discovered during a day in September 2022 the survivors and the immense work provided by the teams.

Today, a lasting relationship has been established, a relationship of exchanges, ideas and sharing to help them and contribute in the long term.

Solidarity charm’s

Following the success of our first co-creation with the animal shelter, we imagined with La Tanière a new collection to help them.

This summer, we are lauching a range of charms reprensenting of eight emblematic residents and the the bear paw, symbol of the refuge. Find Flora, Désiré, Pam, Juan and Tanny with difficult lives but now peaceful retirements… Discover them here.

Resulting from a long design work, each charm’s is unique, designed and painted by hand in our Thai family workshop. Accumulate, carry and collect them for a solidarity and personalized jewel. For each charm’s sold, 8€ are donated to La Tanière.

A charity auction

La Tanière is organizing a charity auction on May 20 to benefit the animal cause. The funds raised during this sale will be devoted to animal rescue actions.

As part of our support for the shelter, we wanted to take part in it and contribute to it. We offered the refuge a 200 x 160 cm canvas (from a diptych that required more than 17 hours of work and 6 liters of paint) and a wooden surfboard painted by Nancy (Nana Galerie).

Find all the auction information on the Instagram account @fddlataniere.

Results of the operation: 520€ collected!

Last Chance operation

Following the appeal for donations launched by La Tanière on February 19, we had to find an emergency solution to help them quickly. During the “Last Chance” period at the time of the announcement, we then decided to donate 30% of these sales to La Tanière until the end of the operation.

Our shops in Toulouse, Cannes and Nice also organised tombolas. 

Result of the operation: 3093,50€ donated !

Socks that have a heart

Our first project focused on the joint creation of a product, with the key word: mutual aid. The result, a set of two pairs of socks, with strong patterns and messages. Made in Portugal, they are made of 98% Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified cotton.

For each lot sold, we donated €10 to the La Tanière refuge.

Results of the operation: 1000€ donated!

To make a donation directly to La Tanière, click here.