All Nach jewelry is guaranteed for six months from the date of purchase upon presentation of an invoice or proof of purchase.


The Nach guarantee:

We guarantee our jewelry for six months except for porcelain breakage. Porcelain is a precious and noble material. It is distinguished by its durability and finesse. It requires no maintenance but it is a delicate material that does not like shocks. We cannot guarantee damage caused by improper use.


Repair workshop :

At the end of the guarantee or in the event of a porcelain breakage, we can welcome your jewel in our workshop.

In order to assess the feasibility, it is necessary to send a photo of your item to our customer service via our contact form. We will then evaluate your request with our workshop. No repairs will be carried out before the acceptance and payment of the quote.

The quote includes repair costs as well as return shipping costs. Return shipping costs will vary depending on the country of delivery. If you live outside the European Union, customs fees at your expense may also be added.


The repair costs are as follows:

You have the part to glue

You do not have the part to glue

Repair cost



In the case of a repair requiring special work, the price may be adjusted.


Once the quote has been accepted and paid for, you can then send your item to the following address:

Nach – E-shop Service, 125 chemin de Tournefeuille, 31300 TOULOUSE, FRANCE

It is necessary to pack your jewelry well to avoid any additional breakage during transport.