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Nadia & Nancy Koch, two sisters at the heart of the french brand: Nach.

Based in their hometown, Toulouse (South of France), Nach is born from a common passion for fashion

and a family legacy - their father having been working in porcelain miniatures for more than 40 years.

With this know-how in heritage, turning porcelain into trendy, high-end jewellery was the sisters’ vision.

The brand’s name is coming from the contraction of:
Nadia & Nancy Koch = Nach



Nancy Koch :

“I love animals! There are also

very “graphic”, making them an

infinite source of inspiration

to me. Giving them life in

jewellery is fascinating, and the

ready-to-wear collection opens

up a wide range of possibilities

to me! It is a window

on a new world, an exciting



Nadia Koch :

“I am living my passion
and I am reinventing
myself everyday thanks
to Nach!

The ready-towear
is a new challenge
for us. We are working
hard to make this beautiful
collection a success!”











From inspiration to creation...


Nach brings a new concept to the jewellery market.

The originality of our creations comes from the use of porcelain, alone or combined with other materials.

All our pieces are entirely handmade and meticulously hand-painted, signed and therefore unique.

Each creation is unique, signed and come with its authenticity certificate.
All Nach pieces are developed around this noble material.

Porcelain gives a luxurious aspect to Nach’s pieces: shiny and colourful, it brings a real touch of sophistication.

It fits perfectly with metal for jewellery;  with leather for clutches; and constitute

the Nach’s elegant signature to the ready-to-wear collection.