Nach x Meeko

You’ve dreamed about it? Nach and Meeko done it!

This 100% vegan and eco-friendly sneaker was designed in France and produced in Portugal.

With its feline print and porcelain leopard head on the tongue, this pair has been designed to match as many pieces in your wardrobe as possible.

A limited-edition collaboration that made more than one of us roar…

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Nach x Sandyan

In January, to celebrate Epiphany, Nach joined forces with Yannick Delpech, Michelin-starred chef and creator of the Sandyan patisserie in Toulouse. Lovely porcelain beans in the shape of little flowers, cockatoos and black panthers have crept into the epiphany cake.

The particularity? The opportunity to go to te boutique and transform the bean into a beautiful piece of jewelry!

And for lucky ones who found a gold-colored bean in their slice of epiphany cake, they were offered a 100 euros voucher, includind 50 euros from Sandyan and 50 euros from Nach.

A collaboration that delighted food lovers!

Nach x Durance

A breeze of jasmine-scented love is coming to Nach and Durance. This Valentine’s Day, these two French brands agreed on a collaboration to celebrate love by honouring the jasmine flower.

Nach always had this secret desire to co-create with Durance. A few months before the launch of their capsule « Jasmin et Moi », the choice was obvious. After several exchanges and common desires, a beautiful box was born from this collaboration in which we discover the jasmine flower from all its angles.

The sweetness of its fragrance revealed by a Durance candle. The delicacy of its white flower through a Nach porcelain bracelet. All this in a pretty velvet pouch with delicate details such as the floral links. Each of these creations was carefully crafted through a respective family know-how.

The perfect box to set hearts on fire.

Nach x Clap

Clap Paris’ jewellery that can be clipped and unclipped endlessly is the remedy for daily monotony! These creations customize and freshen up every piece of your wardrobe, from the belt to the handbag!

Nach completes the Clap Paris bestiary with three animal emblems designed by Nancy Koch: the snow panther, the black panther and the leopard.

Symbol of this collaboration, the claps are designed in porcelain then painted by hand, raw material and signature of the Nach brand; a first for Clap Paris!

The result: wonders that will add a feline and animal touch to your

Nach x Courtois Paris

When the quality of Courtois Paris hats meets the precision of porcelain, the result is delightful.

Driven by a common desire to imagine and create unique pieces, the two houses have combined their know-how and fetish materials to offer you beautiful headwear.

From the delicately woven panama to the Made in France hats and berets, all adorned with fine hand-painted porcelain pieces, discover a universe that is both soft and wild, full of poetry.

Nach x Castelbajac Paris 

During an arty collaboration, the animal universe of Nach met the pop and colorful house of Castelbajac Paris.

From this artistic fusion, a collection of recognizable pieces with primary colors and iconic graphic codes was created.

Jewellery, handbags, scarves, T-shirts, shirts and tote bags highlighted the animal emblems of the Nach house recolored in the colors of Castelbajac Paris. An original, creative, poetic and wildly designed collaboration!