How do I change or cancel my order?

To change or cancel an item in your order, contact customer service via the contact form. An order can be modified as long as it is not being prepared. We advise you to contact us promptly so that we can make the changes.

Possible changes do not include the following cases:

  • An order placed before/after a promotional offer
  • A forgotten promotional code


I have not received an order confirmation email

If you have not received a confirmation email within minutes of placing your order, please check that the email has not arrived in your spam folder. If this is not the case, contact our customer service via the contact form.

We will check that your order has been taken into account and will provide you with the relevant information.


I would like to order an item that is no longer in stock

You have fallen in love with an article, but it is no longer available due to lack of stock? Activate the alert for this product to receive a notification as soon as it is back in stock.


Do I have to pay customs fees?

In the case of a delivery outside the European Union, the delivery costs do not include the customs duties and possible taxes to be paid by the customer. The amount of these taxes depends on the country of destination.


I did not receive the gift I was supposed to receive in my order

The gift offered from a certain purchase amount is not automatically applied to your basket. It is necessary to add it manually when placing the order so that it appears on your purchase invoice. If we forget, we will send you the missing gift only if it appears on your invoice. 


Do you carry out custom orders?

We do not make custom jewelry but do not hesitate to send us our ideas, our team of designers will be delighted to receive them.


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What size do I need?

To make sure you order the right size, please refer to the size guides and size advice on each garment item page. You will also find a size guide for non-adjustable porcelain rings.


How can I find out who your retailers are?

You will find a map of all our retailers in the world on the "Shops and retailers" page. If you are looking for a particular reference, we invite you to contact the retailer directly as we do not know the real stock of our partners.